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Arlene Edmonds Independent Writer

Have had more than 10,000 by-lined articles published in newspapers, magazines, and online publications. 

  • Magazine feature writing
  • Investigative journalism
  • Hyperlocal news reporting
  • Promotional packages
  • Business communications
  • Community organizing

Arlene V Edmonds Author-Poet-Artist

Always working on creative and performing arts projects.

  • Poet and creative writer
  • Collaborative author
  • Public speaking
  • Supporting actress
  • Adjunct English professor
  • Piano teacher
  • Teaching children dance
  • Scholarly interests are ethnomusicology and holistic spirituality/religion

Ichioma Kweli Workshops and Other Serivces

 Besides communications and the performing arts, I also have a solid esoteric/exoteric background. As a feng shui practitioner, I have taught at Temple University's community education program and old Springside School's Sidelights. Ask me about other related services.


Arlene's STORY



Arlene Veronica Edmonds shares her gifts, talents, experience and education through her writing, teaching, performing, and volunteering. Her life journey takes her from a daughter growing up in the New York City area, a young college graduate who becomes an early bride and mother living in NW Philly, a divorced mother rearing two young girls while teaching piano and dance,  working as a home-based news stringer for The Leader and others producing more than 10,000 by-lined articles and volunteering with the PTA and other groups. She even finds time to do some investigative pieces. She later completes graduate school while becoming a loving and committed grandmother and a community organizer. She remains an outspoken perpetual student, adjunct professor and scholar who is always learning, growing, and creating with a vision for a better society.



As a creative polymath, Arlene usually comes up with most of her news story and magazine ideas. She makes life easier for editors by having resources to contact who needs to be reached, even if they are in high or hard to reach places, and to do the necessary research or interviews in a proficient manner. She also has garnered a reputation for turning over quality copy (across many beats) quickly. So, it is little wonder that among her many accolades are the 2016 community award from the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice PA Chapter, three National Newspaper Publishers Association's  awards for "Best Religion Page" in the Philadelphia Tribune (2014-2016), and the Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary's highest Award, the Claver Award in Nov. 2015-- pictured on this page. (Photos by Robert Mendelsohn).


Many are surprised to learn that while growing up Arlene wanted to have 10 children. Though that never happened, she does have two daughters, Juliana and Janielle, as well as four grandchildren.  Arlene invests a lot of time in young people as a master teacher. She has taught  more than 100 piano students--two are physicians, one is an environmentalist (who had the privilege of introducing President Obama at a Philadelphia rally), some are church pianists, others who are singers or musicians, etc. She has also taught more than 1,000 college students at 10 universities, and taught classroom music and dance to dozens of youngsters. She continues to do career days, storytelling, poetry readings, acting with younger people, and working alongside youths and young adults when involved in community organizing. 


Arlene V Edmonds/Ichioma Kweli

arlenevedmonds@gmail.com or for news only arleneedmonds@ymail.com


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